I am a massive Kung Fu Panda Fan. I love that movie for all its pearls of wisdom. I still remember watching the first one, and my kids saying ‘Wow, mum always says that!’ when Master Ugway was speaking. Made me feel very wise.

So with the light of number 3 coming out this week, we watched the others leading up to going to the cinemas. I have noticed, that apart from the wise words, these movies have a theme, initially it was about self belief, then it was about inner peace, and this last one is about the spiritual connection. In saying that, all of them had an underlying question – Who am I?

It is a very important question that can be a mystery for some. The reason for that is because we buy into a story about ourselves and forget about our true self.

We tend to focus on our situation, our actions or lack there of, our achievements or lack thereof, and our relationships and making others short comings our own faults. Then out negative self talk steps in and reiterates those stories and we start telling ourselves that our being is the same as our actions. That is not the case.

You are not your past.

You are not your debt.

You are not your behavior.

You are not even the same person you were yesterday.

Now the Panda identified in the end with his roles, like Son, Friend, Teacher in the movie, but you are not your roles either. Knowing your roles helps you identify your values for each of those roles for you to live up to.

But if you strip all of that away, what is left? Some may call it love, some may call it spirit. Whatever you identify with remember that, and forgive yourself for bad decisions. Forgive yourself for the past. Forgive yourself for what you may consider to be mistakes. Let go of what was, and let go of what may be. And just be you. This is the first step in breaking patterns that may be appearing in your life from time to time. It helps you believe in you and let’s you find inner peace.

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