Coaching can be the best investment in your life and in your business. I see so many people that are achieving amazing results because they had a coach. Let’s face it, life is not something you have to do yourself and there are people that can help and guide you.

Now coaches are not necessarily there to tell you what to do – some are willing to do that, but you must tell them that’s what you’re after. Others will be asking you challenging questions that you probably wouldn’t ask yourself and you will feel compelled to tell them the right answer and the truth which again you wouldn’t necessarily tell yourself.

They are also there to hold you accountable, to help you achieve goals to help you create the life that you are dreaming of.

It depends on where you are stuck at the moment as to what coach you will need.

They are not all generalists, they all have a specialty because in their specialty lies their passion. That is what they really want to help you with – which is probably something they have overcome themselves so they have personal experience as well that they can bring to the table.

So, before you go out and get a coach here are some questions that you should ask yourself.

What do you want to accomplish?

You must know what success you are looking for right now will look like, to be able to choose the relevant coach you will need right now. Perhaps you have specific goals for your business which might require marketing or branding OR it might require you get the back of your house right with money and cash management and to open yourself up to abundance and to see opportunities that your business can take on to create more revenue.

Do you need a confidence coach or you perhaps you need someone that can help you with design in your life to fit your business, your family life, to fit your socialising and everything in there. Someone to help you get more efficient…. there are plenty of different coaches out there.

So, what does success look like to you right now and where are you lacking?

What kind of coach do I need?

Do I need a nutritional coach, a spiritual coach, a healer, or the previously mentioned coaches? Then you can start looking at the actual niches that are out there for coaches. Then you also should consider your finances right now.

Lower priced coaches don’t necessarily give you the results that you desire. There are two reasons for that. Lower priced can mean the coach isn’t as experienced or not as great which is not necessarily the case where we also have this correlation where our brain thinks that if we’re getting the “cheapie” it doesn’t matter, we can slack off.

When you are looking at much you are willing to invest look at a price range that is not too easily affordable – because more than likely you will not do the work that is required to get the results that you are after. But don’t go to the next extreme where they are so expensive that you are putting yourself under financial pressure. You can work up to that level. Start where you’re not quite comfortable about the fact that you’re going to have to fork some money out.

Then you look at whether you want a structural approach or someone who is more fluid – a customised approach for you. With a structured approach, there are online courses for example that you can do or some coaches will take you through a journey from where you are to where you want to be but they have a structure to each meeting. It can be helpful if you’re not quite good at foreseeing exactly what it is you need to do or not quite sure what action items you need to implement.

Of if you are very driven and you know how to get there but you need someone who will ask those uncomfortable questions or keep you accountable – then something a bit more fluid will be better for you.

So, when you are looking at coaches and what they are offering and how they work – consider how it will work for you.

What results has the coach achieved with other clients?

In spiritual areas that might be hard to quantify but what is the feedback that their clients are giving? Have they gone from being broke to now making a level of money that they previously didn’t feel comfortable with before? Were they broke to now having savings and passive income? Have they shifted peoples limiting beliefs? So, look at the feedback they have been getting from clients and look at whether the outcome they are offering is something that you desire.

Don’t measure yourself against those people, just look at the outcomes they are achieving working with the coach and the package and see whether that is a good fit for you.

What have they achieved in their own life?

Where have they been before? What experience do they have? Have they overcome the exact issues they are coaching people with right now? By overcoming similar hurdles in their life, they can be a hard task master with empathy. Are they going to be giving you advice? Do you want someone to say, “look you’re screwing that up, I can tell you right now that you should do it this way”? Many coaches won’t give you that kind of advice – instead they ask you the challenging questions. Then again some of them have a balanced approach. They will ask you the question, keep you accountable but also give you advice if you’re struggling.

If you have a chance, watch their videos – is it gelling with you? Or if you get the chance, have a conversation with them. Do you have chemistry? Is what they are saying gelling with you? Is it hitting pain points that you might need to work on? If they make you feel uncomfortable that might actually be a GOOD thing because it means they are bringing up resistance – where as if you feel what they are saying is bullshit then that is not the coach for you.

So, consider the type of chemistry you are having with the person that you are looking to invest in.

Does the coach you’re considering investing in have a coach themselves?

If they are selling coaching but they don’t have a coach themselves what does that really tell you? If they have a coach – it tells you that they understand the process. It’s very important that whatever they are selling they are doing it themselves. Just like when you are looking for investment advice, you make sure your broker is also an investor themselves. Or when you want to buy an investment property that your real estate agent also has investment property themselves.

What does your heart say?

Listen to yourself. It is so important and it is something that we ignore so much and that is listening to your intuition. If your heart and gut tells you “this is the person I want to work with” then do it. If your heart and gut are telling you “I’m not so sure” then also listen to it.

So, let’s recap the questions!

1. What do I want to accomplish?
2. What kind of coach do I need?
3. How much can I invest?
4. Do you prefer structure or customised approach?
5. What results has the coach achieved with other clients?
6. What results have they achieved in their own life?
7. Are they going to give me advice or just ask questions?
8. Do you have chemistry?
9. Does the coach have a coach themselves?
10. What does your heart say?

Now go ahead and find an amazing coach that can move you toward achieving the perfect life!