You probably heard that voice in your head talking to you every minute of the day. Have you ever listened to the stories you are putting in there? And if that wasn’t strong enough in shaping your life already, what words are leaving your mouth?

You see, we script our life stories continuously, whether it is through our thoughts that keep passing by in our head, or recounting our day to our partner, or complaining to a friend, you are telling a story. Your story!

When you discuss your past experiences you are strengthening your story.


As you strengthen your stories, you start building patterns, and you start creating a focus in your brain to the common denominator in your stories.

So pay attention to your stories, because it will bring about what you are focusing on.

Think about it like this: if your self-talk is filled with kind, loving statements and gratitude, it is highly unlikely that you will find yourself complaining. However if your self-talk is filled with negativity, frustration, and anger – well you might just want to check your external dialogue as well! As it is highly likely that it is a reflection of your thoughts.

In turn you unintentionally turn your thoughts into experiences. If you have a perception that things suck, every thing is hard work, people are nasty, you will attract those exact things into your life.

Remember that you cannot hide what is going on for you on the inside, as it will shine through loud and clear in attitudes and experiences of the people around you, as negativity is contagious. It spreads, so does positivity.

So if you want to have a positive life, surround yourself with positivity. What are things that help you create positive thoughts? What can you be grateful for today? Who are the people that can give you a dose of their positivity? Tune into their channel.

So next time you open your mouth to recount a story focus on what worked, what was positive, what was great. The more you focus on giving out the positive and being grateful for the challenges as they help you grow, the more it becomes your conscious state.

Remember the quote from Henry Ford? “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.

I have a very simple assignment for you. Think about the story you tell yourself and others.  Are you focused on the things that have “happened to you?” Do you allow yourself to feel like a victim of circumstance?

Now how could you turn that story around? What have you learnt from it? How has it help you grow? Can you even find a funny side to it, now that it is over?