Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your life is heading somewhere.

The question is where? As every day goes by, what you choose to do or not do is shaping your current and future results. There are only three possible outcomes, it may be progressively getting better, stagnating or progressively getting worse.

Which outcome are you designing?

Yes, designing, because what you make happen is up to you! You are making the choices and taking the actions that you do. So you cannot say that it is someone else’s fault that you aren’t getting the outcomes you desire.

When you observe someone who has achieved great happiness, health and success in their lives, you can often trace the entire chain of events that’s led to their success back to a single moment in time.

And that time is when they became clear on what they truly wanted and decided to take action to make it happen. It’s the moment of clarity when they took the time to create their plan. And actually wrote I down. When they stopped dreaming and instead set their path into stone – well at least on paper.

Generally it comes from a time of struggle, as pain is a big motivator for all of us.

For any successful result to occur, you need to take specific action.  Before any action can occur you must first think it in your mind then you link an emotion to either your current situation or your future and then – after planning – you must take action to start seeing results.

Thoughts –> Emotions –> Action –> Results

Emotions as I mentioned take a big part of making things happen. Some emotions will move you toward achieving your goals like passion, dedication, inspiration, motivation, joy, determination and courage. And others will move you away from bringing your dreams to life like fear, anger, frustration, sadness, depression and lack of confidence.

So if you’re ready to transform your life, then focus first on creating a your plan toward success and fuel it with positive emotions as you take action to achieve your results.

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