Let’s face it, we are trained in poverty as such we become very well versed at it. So no wonder that when we go on our manifesting journey at first it can be a damn right challenge to make anything happen, as we have many years of poverty training to overcome whilst simultaneously we battle with the message of lack coming out of the tap even.

Don’t give up though! Because even if you find manifesting your desires right now or kicking those mighty goals that you set for yourself, with a few simple techniques and changes you can become a mindful manifestor. Let’s look at what those are!

Become aware of your family money story

I mentioned we are trained in poverty, right? So what does that actually mean? Well it has been proven by several studies that we create our beliefs about money based on what we see around ourselves, by the time we turn seven years old.

When I first heard that, I found it pretty crazy that I have pre-set beliefs about something before I even get to use them. It’s a program that gets implanted as you grow. Same goes for your beliefs about yourself, capabilities and limitations actually.

So how does that happen? When we are kids, we are like a sponge, sucking up all the do’s and don’ts by watching our parents, teachers, other family members and anyone we think of as a role model. So if we constantly heard about the starving kids in Africa not being able to afford to buy food, when we left food on the plate, or have seen how hard our parent had to work to get by. Or if we had hand me down clothes, these all affected our beliefs about money and the way we think about it now.

Without being able to do anything about it, we ended up with a subconscious program that can now be the culprit to our money situation. So to start unravelling the emotional knot we have around money, first we need to discover what our money story is first.

Be aware of the world wide messages

And if that wasn’t enough, we are living in a fast paced world today, where we have around 400 million bits of information coming at us each second. And not all of them are on the positive side.

Did you notice that most advertising and media content is about lack? They tend to be fear based to push the pain points that keep us up at night. They tell us how we are not good enough, skinny enough, rich enough without the latest and greatest. We are just not enough for being who we are. Lucky for us we have a choice to tune in or switch off.

The challenge is that tuning in happens mindlessly. You may not even realise the underlying messages as you are watching your favourite TV show, not to mention the ads in between. So I urge you to stop and take count of what you are allowing into your life that promotes lack.

Stop the impulses

I mentioned the emotional know we are tied to when it comes to money, spending on impulses is linked just to that. And so are those ads I mentioned above pushing your pain points will urge you to rush out and buy what ever it is to make you be ‘more’.

Firstly, you’ll need to learn to slow down before pulling out your credit cards for payment. When you feel emotionally charged, whether it’s because you got a pay increase and you are happy, or feeling down because your jeans no longer fit you, or just damn right excited because those Jimmy Choos are on sale it’s easy to go out and try to fuel those feelings with another purchase!

I’m not saying don’t by the Jimmy Choos, all I am saying is that impulsive spending generally ends up with regret. Which then creates a vicious cycle of ups and downs. That’s not where you want to be!

So watch out for triggers. What makes you want to rush of and buy stuff? Take notes, figure out a way that helps you eliminate the triggers. And if you can’t eliminate the triggers then choose a different reaction. Instead of wanting to go on a shopping spree, may be go for a walk instead.

Set purposeful goals

I used to become very frustrated with manifesting not working. Once I broke through my limiting beliefs I still didn’t get to attract what I put on the vision boards or my goal books. If you find this happening to you, it could be because your goals don’t serve your purpose.

It can be due to two reasons. One is that the goal you are working towards actually mean nothing to you. This can be a hard one to find if you were trained that you had to do things to get love. So you may be setting yourself up on a path to complete your doctorate as a vet and finding it a struggle, because deep down you never really wanted to be a vet, but it was something that you felt your parents wanted you to achieve.

Or, you keep saying you want a million dollars, but have no idea why. As a million dollars is just that. It’s not a strong enough driver. However if you way you want a million dollars so your family can be financially secure, then your goal has a lot more clout. 

Measure your progress

This is a major part of being mindful yet so often forgotten! And because it is forgotten many people actually don’t realise that they may have already manifested most of the things to their life that they wanted to have.

Track what you are achieving. Tick it off, celebrate it and set the next target. When you find yourself in the flow of attracting the things you want you are in a whole different mind space. Instead of living in fear and lack, you find abundance in all that you do.

Learn the steps of creating a clear vision and a strong why, watch the 5 Steps to Powerful Goals Masterclass.