‘Study hard, get good grades and you will find a high paying role with great benefits’ was the message I grew up with. In fact I was a great disappointment for my parents as I refused to go to unit after about the first term. It would have been my mothers greatest dream of success to see me graduate with a degree.

It wasn’t my goal however. I didn’t like classroom learning to start with. Didn’t really know what I wanted to do at that age any way, so spending my life learning about something I didn’t enjoy didn’t excite me. What I did know at the time that if I was going to make anything of myself it won’t be because of formal education.

Times have changed. The old formula of studying hard, working hard, being loyal to one company to climb the corporate ladder is no longer the key to success. This is why I found it extremely disturbing when my son graduated from primary school that every single child in his year level only aspired to get a J.O.B.

Not sure if you heard what that even stood for, it’s an acronym for Just Over Broke! They may have worked in my grandparents era, but as far as I can see it a JOB these days meaning hard work for others dream that just want to use your talents and not necessarily for the price of what your services are worth.

On top of it there is no job security these days. Salary rates have returned to what they were back in 2007, in the mean time the cost of living has risen, as such many households today struggle with debt. Social security, the pension and even superannuation are questionable to continue into the future.

It is time to revisit your financial education. Not sure about you, I know mine was rather limited when I started on my journey.

Things that I found needed a massive re-vamp:

Money Beliefs

I already mentioned the beliefs we have been given subconsciously around having to work hard for someone else dream. Then there is the belief about ‘living the dream’ being stuck in a job with a mortgage that takes your whole life to repay, then retire and start living. There is a massive list of things that I could tell you here. In any case I’d say there are plenty of limiting beliefs that would need to be overwritten.

Using Money as a Tool

We tend to have strong emotional connection to money for all the wrong reasons. Because of this we end up becoming a slave to money until we learn to master the way to put money to work. After all it is a tool to create the lifestyle you desire.

Learn Financial Literacy

This is not something we learnt in school is it! As such it is often viewed as something only the wealthy understand. It is far from the case. You can get the same knowledge as the wealthy and implement the exact same systems. You’ll be surprised to find that many of the wealth creation systems are rather simple.

Creating a positive financial future is up to you. There is a lot to learn to overcome the old programing that you may be holding onto right now. Check out the Unlimited Results Academy for resources that can help.