I quickly want to talk to you about why positive affirmations may not work for you.

See, I struggled with this for years.

I’ve read about them in different self-improvement books and I would put the new statement up and I would go all gung-ho and then after a while I would find myself going, “what the fuck! Nothing is happening. If anything, I am now criticising myself and I am just finding that it’s going down that path“.

Practicing the positive affirmations is making me frustrated, it’s making me angry because I’m not seeing anything positive coming my way”. Nobody told me the secret at the time that if I’m saying something that I’m not believing and my subconscious cannot actually comprehend because the other habits and patterns going on underneath, that in fact I’m creating more of a negativity in my life, creating more of a lack mindset because of the anger and frustration and the negative emotions I am now linking to the so-called “positive” affirmations.

The way you can overcome that is, when you write down the positive affirmation, look at it in a way “can I turn this into a question?” So, when you read it to yourself, if you cannot actually believe what you’re saying, ask yourself, “Can I turn this into a question?” Because otherwise, it will be very hard for you to breakthrough the negative voice of disbelief in your head and you will just sabotage yourself every step of the way.

If you are saying, “I am now one with a million dollars” or “I am now a millionaire” or whatever it is you want in abundance in your life, instead ask yourself, “Why am I so wealthy?” Now I have proposed this question to some people before and they’ve been coming back to me with disbelief even with the question, “What do you mean I’m wealthy? I’ve got no money in the bank, I’m living pay cheque to pay cheque. I am not wealthy right now”. Leave the critic at home, okay. That is your old patterns that did not recognise what you already have.

The way to open yourself to abundance is acknowledge what you already have. So, next time when you’re asking yourself, “Why am I so wealthy?” think of the fact that you already have your health, you already have great relationships, you already have friends, you already have your family, you can afford to put food on the table, you can afford to have internet, you can afford to have a roof over your head, you can afford to have a car or whatever it is that you already have in your life that is making your life much easier right now, okay?

Just think about the fact that you’re in 10% of the population in the world that can have food, water, shelter over their head right now. That itself is making you top 10% of the wealthiest people in this universe. So, don’t play that down, in fact, if anything, start playing things up. Start feeling the gratitude, start finding the answers in the little things that you’re already enjoying in your life right now.

When you can do that, you will find that there is more opportunity to create what you want in your life.