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Recognize any of these thoughts…?

  • I’m just not good with money.

  • I’m not from a rich family, I’m just average.

  • I’m not smart / pretty /educated enough to be rich.

  • I think I’ve just reached the limit of my earning potential.

  • Money just isn’t that important to me, I just want to help people.

  • I have a good life, I should just be happy with that.

  • I’ve never been good with numbers.

No matter how hard you try,
 no matter how much self-improvement you do, 
and no matter how much effort you put into kicking that money goal,

until you deal with your money fears and hidden beliefs

You’ll never have the kind of abundance 
(or business success) 
that you dream about.

Good News!

With the right tools you can learn to reprogram your Money Mindset to take you from scarcity and lack to attract Abundance!

I’m Orsolya Bartalis and I help women become financially empowered so they can start enjoying freedom in their lives!

I was where you are now, about 8 years ago… Passionate about and bloody good at what you do, but not seeing the financial results. The money coming in doesn’t match the passion, time and skill you’re pouring out.

You feel massive resistance to having those difficult money conversations with clients, bosses or even your partner. It’s harder topic to bring up than S3X! So you are stuck at the same rate you were on when you started three years ago, and a lot more responsibility.

Your bank balance is dwindling even though you now have ‘investments’ on your portfolio that should be giving you passive income.

You resent the fact that you feel that you cannot spend money on yourself. Or so you think! So your wardrobe is getting neglected.

You heard about being able to upscale your business, your investments, you life… but you just cannot see it happening!

I hear ya! In my darkest moment, I had $400K+ debt and was falling way behind in bills! Not to mention that I missed pretty much all the special moments of my kids life because of ‘work’.

Fast forward 6 years from that moment, to find a multimillion dollar property portfolio, European holiday, doing the school drop offs (may not sound exciting to you, but I have been dreaming of this moment!), attending special moments as I can plan my life around them and doing what I love – helping other people create freedom in their lives.

Becoming truly wealthy isn’t just about the money!

Being truly wealthy means that you are consciously creating the kind of abundant life you want to lead!

Imagine when you can do the things you want, regularly…

Are you ready to uncover and overcome what is holding you back from living the dream?

Are you ready to live courageously, feel inspired and reach higher?

Are you ready for financial success?

Then I invite you to join the

Unlimited Results Academy

The academy is designed to give you access to tool, skills and techniques that assist you in becoming financially empowered. Whether you need a quick boost through a Masterclass, a some hands on lessons through DIY courses or support of like minded people through Group Coaching we got you covered.

You don’t have to take my word for it…

Thank you so much for our one on one call. You have helped me tremendously, I was feeling very scattered and unfocused about my business goals and money, and the yearly figure and goal break down really helped to put things into perspective. You are worth your weight in gold! I now have the vision on how to move forward and take things one step at a time towards my business goals thanks to you. You helped me remember that my income doesn’t define my self-worth and reignite my confidence in “getting out there” and making forward steps to wealth no matter how small. Thank you so much!

I learned about the blockages that I had and how to move through them, I learnt how to ask the right questions about the goals that I set to make sure that it was what I wanted and not what I should do. I learnt how to hold myself accountable and keep moving forward to reach those goals.

TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Just by reading the question I felt more enabled/possible!!! Thank you very much. Sure thing, I will definitely create the voice recording on my phone and make a habit to listen to it three times a day, in the morning, in the afternoon and before I go to sleep. This has been very helpful, Thank you Orsolya!