Reading this site, you would have by now realise that what you think you become. Sometimes it may not show up in the form you are imagining, but in form of ailments, allergies or disease. Most people don’t even realise this.

Louise Hay has written an awesome book called You Can Heal Your Life. In this book Louise goes through the sort of environments, comments and thought processes that we all tend to have and explains how you can change them. She then also gives you a great list that outlines the disease, the underlying thought that you have creating it and an affirmation that you can keep repeating to have it inprinted in your mind as your new message to yourself.

Louise also highlights some common thoughts and gives you an example on how to turn it around! Like ‘People are always out to get me’ becomes ‘Everyone is always helpful!’. Which thought would you rather have? Which one would serve you better if what you think about you bring about? One of the challenges we do have with this process generally is that we do not beleive ourselves, to overcome this, Louise recommends to do mirror work, and have your affirmations on the mirror, where you can see them and where you can look yourself in the eye and repeat those affirmations to yourself till you beleive them! Especially the one that says ‘I love and accept myself!’

There are plenty of great examples of positive thoughts and affirmations! Best of all they are in such lovely and vibrant format That you definitely feel positive after reading it!

The book was actually recommended to me by someone who had cancer, and used this book to reflect on her life, and her thought processes and certainly puts a lot of emphasis Louise Hay’s book had on her healing process. I feel it definitely has a positive effect, and great lessons and tools that you can learn from and heal your life! I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a good and uplfiting read, and anyone that is on their self reflection/development journey.


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