I recently read a blog post ‘Running is Stupid!, I really enjoyed this article for a couple of reasons… one is that I used to be running, and whilts my internal voice never told me running was stupid – till I moved to a lot cooler climate – a lot of people on the outside used to tell me that! And after a while I believed them and stopped running! Not the best decision of mine… But it certainly reminded me that I have to check my beliefs – are they really my own? Are they really the truth?

Running isn’t stupid, running helped me release stress, it helped me stay fit and it was also the time for me to reflect. Running has many benefits. To the writer of this blog running was the time to visualise their ‘Big Picture’, the picture for their life, the way they wanted it to be.

Visualisation is a great exercise, it helps you focus on what you want to achieve, it helps you form the life you want to live, who you want to be with, what you want to be doing. It is a great exercise on its own, but linking it to something that is generating positive energy – like running, or any other sort of exercise – helps to lift this to the next level. Why you may ask? Well exercise creates endorphins – otherwise known as happy hormones – in your body. Visualisation is a lot stronger in getting the message through to your subconscious when you also link positive emotions to it. You may find it hard to generate the emotions in your normal state, however during exercise your endorphin levels are high so you naturally feel euphoric!

So next time you feel like an energy boost, why not go for a run and visualise your ‘Big Picture’ at the same time?


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